Game On!

The state of Missouri has removed all restrictions and DAX is ready to go. In the last month we've been given the go-ahead to restore live, in-person seminars and workshops and we can once again host our legendary Friday night party! Join us for the first DAX show of the year in Kansas City!


The DAX Seminar Track

In-Person Workshops & Free Seminars:

With the easing of COVID restrictions we are happy to offer in-person learning experiences in a safe environment that are unparalleled in the industry. These are exclusive, limited-capacity opportunities for you to gain real knowledge. Classes are limited to 20 - 25 persons to ensure that you get the personal attention you need and reduce health concerns that many are still feeling. Some offerings are hands-on experiences. Register to attend any classes that are not already sold out when you register for the show. Looking to add sessions to your existing registration? Just click to go to your registration, then click 'Make Changes' where you see your name.

Seminar Attendance Key:

Entry Level - Requires no industry experience
Beginner - Some industry knowledge or experience
Intermediate - Working knowledge of processes / techniques
Advanced - Looking to fine tune specific areas
These extended length classes have limited seating, usually offer a more hands-on experience, and may be offered the day before the show opens or in the evening.

Jul 09

8:30AM - 4:00PM

Charlie Taublieb

Textile Screen Printers Tune-Up Workshop
Cost: $199.00 Earlybird, $225.00 Regular Price.
   Audience: Screen Printers

If you're like many of us, you have forgotten more about the basics of screen printing than you remember, and it's the basics that keep a shop going in the right direction. This day long workshop will address fundamentals of printing from artwork through screen making and finally - production. There will be a rundown of procedures and documentation.

This workshop will be geared to those in the industry that need a refresher as well as those wanting to get into this industry. Wear your work clothing as this is a hands-on workshop and we will be printing. Everything necessary will be provided.

Jul 09

1:00PM - 4:30PM

Erich Campbell

Elevate your Embroidery Digitizing
Cost: $99.00 Earlybird, $109.00 Regular Price.
  Audience: Embroiderers

If you've delved into the world of digitizing but want more than the standard, flat renderings you've been able to create, to break out of the technical difficulties you've faced, and become better at seeing the potential of the medium, this session is for you. It's time to move beyond flat embroidery!

Embroidery as an art form is more than recreating the fields of color found in digital and print art; it opens a world of texture and depth that you can tap into, allowing you to create dimensional pieces that draw the eye and delight your customer. In the span of this workshop, you'll start to develop a holistic approach to digitizing that takes full advantage of embroidery's strengths, and creates additional, embroidery-specific value your customers can see, while learning a methodology that lets you test, analyze, and expand your skills faster, no matter the design. We will examine these three areas:

Developing an Eye for Embroidery - Learn how to analyze images to establish the best method to break up areas of color, create the shapes that your embroidery needs to establish depth, and create the sculptural treatments that bring your embroidery to life. See art in stitches, and go beyond the shapes you are shown to reflect real-world structures, add dimension, and create designs that go beyond filling outlines.

Tackling Texture - Expand on breaking up shapes by using the nature of stitches to build texture. From basic fill stitch settings and angles, to layering, to density variations, you'll learn how the nature of each stitch and combinations of stitches alters the way we perceive texture in an embroidered area. You'll see how to use the sheen of standard threads to make light dance across the surface of your embroidery, alter color perception, and create shading effects, as well as discuss the ways in which you can leverage specialty threads to further enhance these effects and what that changes about your digitizing technique.

Imagination and Iteration - Having discussed the ways embroidery can be enhanced and textural techniques, we'll prepare you for creative development with a discussion on both inspiration and technical testing. Learn how to take action on your embroidery ideas, create samples, and gain insight through analysis and testing. Whether you are testing creative techniques or working to troubleshoot difficulties in any design, this segment will help you learn from sampling, take good measurements, and make the changes your design needs, all while developing a better understanding of your embroidery and materials.

Jul 09

6:00PM - 9:00PM

Katie Wubben

Night Shift: Hands-On Embroidery Basics & More
Cost: $99.00 Earlybird, $109.00 Regular Price.
   Audience: Embroiderers

Learn tips and tricks to achieve great quality, increase profits, maximize efficiency, and organize your embroidery business. We'll dive into basic embroidery techniques, explore backing / topping and other supply options, and give you a hands-on hooping experience.

Do you want to thrive in today's ever changing market? This energizing class is designed to give you the building blocks for success in 2021 and the future, as well as strategies that will streamline shop production. From techniques to marketing, we'll cover lots of the behind the scene stuff; whether you're an experienced garment decorator, just starting out, or thinking about joining the embroidery world, you are sure to soak up new knowledge!
Gain new skills and impress your customers with classes that target specific areas! DAX is known to have the best seminar track in the industry at prices you can afford. Seminars start at just $35. Purchase more than three seminars for a single person and see your discounts in your registration cart.

Jul 09

8:30AM - 9:50AM

Clay Barbera

Kickstart Your Corel Skills!
Sponsored by CorelTrainer
Cost: FREE
   Audience: Artists

Getting off the ground with design skills and being able to apply basic graphics concepts can get frustrating. Let's learn the necessities, plus some next-step concepts in CorelDRAW! Beginners & intermediate imprint artists welcome! First we'll walk through tools, menus, dockers, & necessary Corel functions. Then we'll go over some basic & impressive art functions: Digital & vector, tracing & node editing... We will have some time to make custom proposals, talk about posting/sharing/sending & a few artistic techniques to really impress your customers (while staying imprint industry specific).
Download the class handout.

We promise three things from this class:
1. EVERYONE in the room will learn something.
2. There will be no sales pitch during learning time. and
3. There will be a Special Corel Trainer Membership offer at the end *


Jul 10

8:30AM - 9:50AM

Kelly Walters

Heat Printing with Vinyl - The Secret to Success
Sponsored by Stahls' ID
Cost: FREE
  Audience: Heat transfer professionals

Heat Transfer Vinyl has become a popular solution for apparel decorators in nearly every market. It is important to know the best ways to use it and the incredible options out there. Join Kelly Walters as she teaches you the best practices in heat printing, cutting and heat transfer vinyl selection to set you up for success.
' The press matters
' Getting started with a cutter
' Why you should offer a variety of vinyl options

Seminar Pricing:
Free Seminars cost nothing to attend, no reservations are required
Admission to free classes is subject to room capacity. First come will be first served. Workshops have fees associated with them, register for workshops when you register to attend.

Workshops are special, extended-length educational sessions. Per-attendee prices are displayed with each listing. Workshops must be reserved in advance.

Advance prices shown are valid through the date displayed at the top of this page. (See the yellow box) After that date, all educational opportunities become available at the regular / on-site price.