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All accounts from exhibitors and attendees are that the industry is BOOMING! DAX will again be the place where the industry gets together, and there will be so many new companies and products to see at our shows in 2024!
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General Information and Policies

Who May Attend
Health and Safety
Who May Exhibit
Bringing Minors
Cancellation Policy

Who May Attend DAX?

Any person interested in attending DAX for the purpose of learning about the industry, discovering new products, or receiving education may do so. There is no need to show any kind of license or prove industry involvement to attend the show. We gladly welcome people who are not currently involved in the garment decorating industry to come and learn more about the industry. There is no better way to find out if working in this industry is right for you than by attending a trade event of this nature.

By legal definition, DAX is an industry trade show and is not 'open to the public.' This means that we have the right to refuse or limit admission to any person without cause. Some examples of why we reserve this right include:

  • All persons are required to register for the event, either in advance or on-site. No person without a show-issued ID badge will be admitted.
  • All persons are required to elicit a demeanor befitting a business atmosphere. Any persons causing disruption will be required to leave.
  • All minors in attendance must be under the direct supervision of an adult (See complete minors policy below)
  • We welcome non-exhibiting suppliers to attend and see the quality of our show. Many similar organizations charge non-exhibiting suppliers a premium for attending. We make no such discrimination, and we hope you will contact show management to tell us how you liked the show.
  • Attendees may not engage in selling products on the show floor, it's just not fair to the exhibitors. (Exception: you may help an exhibiting supplier while you are in that supplier's booth) We prohibit any persons on the venue property from distributing literature outside of their own exhibit booth, especially those who would place literature on cars in the venue-owned parking lot.

Health and Safety

DAX, it's exhibitors, and all attendees must abide by all regulations and guidelines set forth by federal, state, and local authorities. Compliance with all mandates is required of all persons for attendance, such as social distancing requirements if currently mandated. Please do not attend if you feel sick or are experiencing a fever. Decorated Apparel Expo, it's facilities, exhibitors and fellow participants are not responsible for any losses arising from your attendance including contraction of any illness. Please attend at your own risk, and please show consideration for others in your attendance.


DAX is an industry trade show, and it is expected that some contact information about attendees will be shared with exhibiting companies. That's what trade shows are for - connecting industry professionals with suppliers. Any person who wishes not to share key contact information with suppliers should register as a 'guest.' All minors not actively involved in the business should also register as a 'guest.' You may elect not to share your email address with exhibitors via the attendee list when registering. Please be aware that when you allow an exhibitor to scan the contact information listed in the bar-code of your badge, you are offering them your name, company name, address, phone and your email address regardless of the preferences you specify when registering. DAX neither collects nor distributes any financial information. If you use a credit card to register at this website, your credit card information is not stored by the system.

Who May Exhibit at DAX?

We encourage manufacturers and distributors of products and services that might interest garment decorating professionals to exhibit at DAX. If you have a product or service that appeals to the screen printing, embroidery, Direct-to-Garment printing, or heat transfer printing industry, there is no better way to reach your potential clients. We do not recommend that companies selling non-related products or services such as entertainment, political organizations, or general goods sales apply. The sale of food products not produced by the venue's catering staff is forbidden by contract on the venue premises. The management reserves the right to reject any application to exhibit without need to give cause.

Decorated Apparel Expo policy concerning minors

The embroidery and screen printing industries are unique in the fact that a large number of companies are family-run concerns. Because minors are often involved with parents in the actual business, we believe it is detrimental to exclude them from trade shows for this industry.

DAX itself is a family-run concern too, having had minors from the managing families participating in the execution of past events. DAX does not discourage well-mannered minors from participating in the trade show experience. We welcome well-behaved minors to experience the exhibit floor or seminars. Please understand that no person under the age of 18 can be allowed on the exhibit floor or in seminar rooms without direct adult supervision. All persons on the exhibit floor are expected to elicit a demeanor befitting a business atmosphere. Any persons causing disruption, or minors not being acceptably supervised will be required to leave the exhibit floor and/or seminar rooms.

Some attendees have been known to carry infants or bring toddlers. Please be aware that there will be running machinery present on the trade floor and that very small children may not understand the dangers these devices represent. For smaller children, strollers may be used, and it is recommended that children be strapped in.

All persons (except infants / stroller occupants) are required to wear show-issued identification badges. If you are bringing a minor with you, please pre-register them at the same time as you register yourself so that they may receive a free name badge too. If you are registering on-site, 1 child under age 10 may receive a "Guest" badge free of charge when accompanied by a registered adult.

Seminar Attendance:

It is our policy to allow 1 child under the age of 8 to attend seminars with a parent without a ticket in cases where that parent has no other person to supervise their children. In these cases it has been expected that the parent is responsible to control the child during the seminar to ensure that the child causes no disruption. Children above this age have been required to have a ticket, as they are considered old enough to gain knowledge from the seminar. If you are supervising a child during a seminar, you are asked to please remove the child from the room at the first signs of any non-businesslike behavior. Of course, we welcome you to return to the seminar room as soon as the child is ready. Any person causing a disruption, whether they have a ticket or are a minor meeting our requirements for admission, will be asked to leave the seminar room.

The package all attendees will receive with their name badges will carry the following disclaimer:
Dangers from running equipment and other hazards typical to an event of this nature can be expected to be present at this event. No persons who might lack sufficient understanding of safety risks involved from such equipment and hazards should attend this event. The Decorated Apparel Expo, it's hosts, suppliers, employees, landlords, and assigns accept no liability for injuries, losses, or theft sustained as a result of attendance. By attending, you indicate that you agree to these terms.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for your interest in the Decorated Apparel Expo. If you have pre-registered to attend the free trade floor and find yourself unable to attend, you need not contact us. We do not employ any attendance tracking methods or penalize people for their inability to attend. We encourage people who believe that they may be able to attend to pre-register at our web site before the cut off date so they can avoid waiting in line and avoid the at-the-door admission charge for people who did not pre-register. We would much rather go to the expense of mailing your credentials when you discover you cannot attend than have you wait in a registration line and pay an admission charge.

Seminar Refunds
When you reserve a seminar, available seating is deducted from our inventory and cannot be sold to another person. Some seminars that include meals require us to supply a meal count to the catering manager well in advance. For these reasons our cancellation policy on seminar sales is as follows:

More than 21 Days prior to the first day of seminars at a show:
This deadline occurs 21 days prior to the first day that the first seminar is offered at a show. Traditionally this occurs on a Thursday. This is the deadline for all seminars at any show, regardless of which day the seminar in question may be offered. At this point seminars may be cancelled upon written notice. A service charge of 20% or $10 (whichever is greater) will be assessed against your refund. Refunds will be made based upon the method you used to pay for the seminars. Credit card sales will be credited back to the card upon which the seminar was originally purchased, please allow 10 days for refunds to be posted to your account. If you paid by check, we will issue a refund by check within 10 business days of your cancellation request or within 10 business days of the date your original check has cleared, whichever is later.

21 or fewer Days prior to the first day of seminars at a show or less:
When the first seminar of a specific show is 21 or fewer days away we can no longer accept cancellations. This deadline traditionally occurs on the Thursday three weeks prior to the show.