20th Anniversary T-shirt Giveaway!

Gildan, Stahls', and Great Dane Graphics have partnered up to create something special for DAX attendees this year! While supplies last, attendees will receive a free sample of the new Gildan 46000 performancewear shirt printed by Stahls' with a custom design created by Great Dane Graphics.

Get your free shirt when you stop by the redemption booth at all 3 shows this year and find out more about these great products you can use in your shop!


New Seminar Pricing Saves You Money!

We've had a few inquiries as to why we changed our pricing structure for the twentieth anniversary DAX shows. The simple answer is - the old one was complicated. It also created some administrative headaches. Under the old system, you could reserve seminars at $35 each, get 3 seminars for $75 (and you still can) or pay $125 for a 'full seminar pass.' Our biggest problem with the old system was the 'full seminar pass' which forced us to reserve seats for full seminar attendees in every seminar. Seminars would sell out, but seats remained and people wanted to get in!

So how could we eliminate this problem AND give you a better deal? We created a new discount system. The average 'full seminar pass' attendee went to 5.3 classes and paid $125. Here is how the prices of regular-session seminars compare between the new system and the old one:

# of seminars reserved New Pricing Old Pricing
1 or 2 $35 each $35 each
3 $75 total $75 total
4 $100 Total $110 Total
5 $100 Total $125 (Full seminar pass)
6 $120 Total $125 (Full seminar pass)