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Health and Safety Update

Updated: Monday, August 23 2021

The Decorated Apparel is committed to protecting the health and welfare of our attendees and exhibitors. We are watching and following CDC guidelines and recommendations. Here are some topics we expect you want to know:

Masks & face coverings
As of this morning, Cook County IL has issued a mask mandate for the entire county. The Tinley Park Convention Center is located within Cook County. (it's about 500 ft. to the next county, but it is in Cook County) Language within the mandate specifies that "all individuals over the age of 2 who can medically tolerate a mask, regardless of vaccination status" are instructed to wear a mask while indoors in public spaces. Under the county's requirement, "Businesses will be required to post signage stating that masks are required."

The effect of this mandate on our event is minimal. No social distancing or capacity restrictions are currently imposed. We widened the aisles in the exhibit hall when our floor plan was created to minimize crowding, and we have expanded the space for the party to allow for greater personal distance. Weather permitting, party patrons may utilize the patio space outside the convention center as well.

As garment decorators, and having done this before, we anticipate that most of you are already well prepared and we are excited to see the designs of masks you might be wearing. By contract, all matters of public safety within the building are controlled by the facility's management and not by DAX. Our staff will comply with local rules and request your cooperation in keeping everybody safe.

Precautions in the convention center
The Tinley Park Convention Center has taken numerous precautions to protect the people who visit the facility. Most notably, the facility has installed a negative pressure air handling system which exchanges the air in the facility with outside air several times an hour. Also included is an expanded cleaning program and hand sanitizer stations. DAX is providing sanitizer bottles to all exhibitors as well.

What if I feel sick?
If you feel sick, please do not attend. The CDC offers an on-line self-check tool to help you assess your condition and options.

Please be aware
Your badge carries the following disclaimer:
"Dangers from running equipment and other hazards typical to an event of this nature can be expected to be present at this event. No persons who might lack sufficient understanding of safety risks involved from such equipment and hazards should attend this event. The Decorated Apparel Expo, it's hosts, suppliers, employees, landlords, and assigns accept no liability for injuries, losses, or theft sustained as a result of attendance. By attending, you indicate that you agree to these terms." In this time of pandemic we must remind you that 'injuries and losses' includes the risk of contracting communicable diseases such as, but not limited to, COVID-19.

If you are uncomfortable attending for any reason, you should not attend.