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Ghost GmbH

Location: Booth 442

Company Address Vogelsanger Weg 38
Dusseldorf, 40470
Phone Number:+49 211 370-6755
Fax:+49 211 370-3853
Booth Personnel:David Kandelhardt, Christopher Sigmann.

White Toner Transfer Solutions and Dye Sublimation for laser printers

Ghost GmbH is a Germany based company providing entry level White Toner printing and sublimation printing solutions. Unlike other White Toner printers customers don't need to invest big money in a specialized printer. Instead they can just use a standard office laser printer and equip it with a Ghost White Toner Cartridge.

By replacing the black cartridge with a Ghost White toner, any printer can be converted to a White Toner printer. This eliminates the need to invest in a cost-intensive white toner system. In combination with self-weeding transfer papers, Ghost White Toner has become the most cost-effective solution for personalizing dark and colored garments.

In addition to the proven White Toner Transfer solution, Ghost will introduce a new approach to sublimation printing. Ghost Sublime Toner Kits enable customers to convert their existing laser printers into dye-sublimation printers. This can significantly reduce costs compared to ink-based sublimation printing systems. No transfer paper is required. With Ghost Sublime Toner you can print directly on copy paper and then transfer the print to polyester-based textiles and other substrates.

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